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New Theme Do to Spring!!!

Hello and Happy wonderful weekend, Yup, that is correct! I have finally finished the theme and have uploaded earlier then expected too. Since, I was not planning on working on it for the next couple of days. But, I finished working on it and liked how it turned out. It is very colorful and catches…… Continue reading New Theme Do to Spring!!!

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Qbee Penpals letters sent!!!

Hello, Remember that I said something about sending and doing pen-pals over at the qbee? Well, I have finally sent my letters to Hev, Serenity, & Meghan. I am so pleased by how I decorated the back of the envelopes. I completely forgot to take a picture of them. But I can assure you that…… Continue reading Qbee Penpals letters sent!!!

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It’s the weekend!!!

Hello, It sure is the weekend. Well, it’s been the weekend for me for the past 15 minutes(Pacific time) {now 39}. So, I have been invited to a Baptisim and to my cousin’s pre-quinceañera party. I call it pre-quinceañera, because even though her actual 15th birthday is this weekend. Her quinceañera party will be on…… Continue reading It’s the weekend!!!