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Are you Charmed?

HELLO!!!, Have you ever wondered what life would be if you had a magical power or if you never existed though existed? Existed though never existed, say what the fudge-sickle am I talking about? Well, say that this spirit knows that they once existed in time though for some reason they where removed from time…… Continue reading Are you Charmed?

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Fast & Furious + Nuestra Belleza Latina!

Hello, So it’s Monday a new day and a new week to start off the month of April. Well, anyways as the title says it all. I’ll be typing about Fast & Furious plus yesterday’s Univision program Nuestra Belleza Latina. I went to go see Fast & Furious in the night, however the time for…… Continue reading Fast & Furious + Nuestra Belleza Latina!