2011 · Christmas · Facebook · Lissette

Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!

Hello, Yea so I’m back from my break. Well not really a break I guess you could say since I was still online(I’m addicted to FB apps). Well Last Thursday I got out of my usual routine & had an amazing adventure with my friends. I was for most of the day out of my…… Continue reading Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!

2011 · Scieliss · Update

Update about whats going on!

Hello, Hmmm…what to say? Well, I’ll just talk about the site for this post..I guess an update about whats going on in here. Well, if you may have noticed the layout was change actually the 21 of December, 2010. I checked my website info for that, since I thought it was the 26th or 28th…… Continue reading Update about whats going on!