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♥Postcard #62!♥

Hello mi gente, Yesterday, I received my official postcrossing postcard #62 from the Netherlands. I’m 38 postcards away from reaching my 100th postcard goal. I also only have 6 postcards “traveling” at the moment. I had 3 arrive to their destination yesterday. The first one that was registered arriving to Russia, the second registered arriving…… Continue reading ♥Postcard #62!♥

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♥I ♥ Postcards!♥

Hello, Well, see I told you I was going to be coming back sometime in the night to figure out how I’ll be dealing with the postcards. I like how I’m adding them into the posts, so I may continue to add them that way and also create a new page that will contain all…… Continue reading ♥I ♥ Postcards!♥

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Hello Mi Gente, How are you all doing? Well as you can tell I changed the layout after more than two years with the same layout. I did originally have a different layout to use but I’ll be honest the coding was a PIA and I honestly don’t feel like spending two weeks coding. So,…… Continue reading