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Hello, Welcome to the wonderful world that I call life. 🙂 My name is Lissette and I am a twenty-something year old Southern California girl who enjoys to go out and explore her surroundings. I am blessed to finally have a place to call home online with my new domain purchase. is my new home and I am grateful for all the places I have been hosted before moving to my new URL. 🙂

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Photos taken by Lissette M.(scieliss) at Riverside Festival of Lights located at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

As you can see by the pictures in the slideshow I recently went to Riverside, CA for the Festival of Lights. It was my first time going there and experiencing the festival for myself. I had heard about it through word of mouth from friends and coworkers. I decided since I had time and had nothing really to do that I would go ahead and travel to Riverside, CA. Let me tell you having to drive on the 91 FWY and 60 FWY during happy hour is definitely not my cup of tea. Seriously, how hard is it for drivers to use their blinkers to signal that they are moving to another lane? When I finally arrived to my destination I was lucky to have found a parking spot near the entrance since a driver was pulling out and I just so happened to be waiting in line for the street light to turn green and decided that paying for parking is not a problem for me. Turned out that since it was past 5 P.M. I did not have to pay.

As soon as I arrived I was welcomed with Christmas lights galore. I waited in line to enter the Mission Inn hotel & Spa to take a picture with the infamous Christmas Tree inside. The decorations inside the hotel were definitely stunning and beautiful. I have seen hotels decorated for the holiday and let me just say that these hotel’s have a sense of style. Although, I have to admit that I adore Mission Inn’s decorations more than the other hotels. I love that the atmosphere was very welcoming and warm and definitely ready for the christmas cheer. After checking out the hotels decorations I decided to go and explore the other activities and food they had outside in the festival. I was welcomed with the beautiful smell of sugar. I have been on a diet lately and the sweet smell of sugar is definitely amazing to my senses. I could smell the hot cocoa and coffee nearby so I decided to stop by Mom’s mini donuts stand and purchase a bucket as well as a hot cocoa. I also bought a random stranger a small bag of donuts and gave them money since they were playing the trumpet in return for money to purchase food for his dog. I am definitely a sucker for selfless acts.

After stopping for a sugar rush I went along my way and found myself listening to various people who had setup a mini stage for themselves throughout the festival. It was definitely a delight to enjoy and relax while munching on those yummy donuts. Afterwards, I had seen a carousel and a ferris wheel earlier in the day and I wanted to go on those attractions; however, I definitely did not want to wait in line to purchase the tickets and then another line to get on the rides. I was looking at a half an hour to an hour wait approximately for two rides. Thank you but no thank you! I decided to just walk around and look at all the beauty that was being offered to me for free. I smelled pizza nearby so I decided to stop by and munch on pizza from Antonio’s pizza. I was definitely hungry and the pizza tasted delicious along with a lemonade to refresh my throat. I am not going to lie I was hoping to find stand with tamales or some sort of food that was not sugary. I guess since there are business near by they may not have allowed competition or some code did not allow it.

I was at the verge of purchasing myself a ride on the Cinderella carriage for $55.00. I literally was contemplating all night about it. They had the option of the wagon or caravan style carriage. At the end I opted for pictures instead because I simply could not justify the amount for myself. Had it been for a family member hands down I would have bought it. I have been splurging on myself a lot lately, hence why I am contemplating a lot lately as well.  The prices for food and rides were definitely affordable for families with children. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone who is the SoCal area or near to come and visit the festival of lights.


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