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Secret Santa 2016

Every year I look forward to Santa spreading that cheer, joy, and love throughout my holiday season. I may be a twenty-something year old female but I do not refuse to believe in Santa anymore. I want to keep that innocence of pure joy in me still that I had growing up as a child. Hence, every year I like to go out and celebrate Christmas as best as I may. This year I signed up for two different Secret Santa’s events. One was from work and the other one was from a crochet group I belong to.

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The Secret Santa from work was definitely a delightful experience if I may say so myself. I was off for a week right before Christmas and had to call in to work to find out who I would be purchasing for. I ended up having to be Secret Santa for a coworker that I have come to know quite well this past year. We both tend to have conversations about books, languages, music, and traveling. I wish I would have taken pictures of the items that I had purchase for her. I was able to record and take pictures of her opening her gifts but because I respect others privacy for my blog I will not post them. However, I was able to take an image using Snapchat of the bag with her gifts before she opened them. I ended up going to Barnes and Noble and purchasing her the following items: Alice in Wonderland: Book Box Puzzle, The Book Thief, Jane Eyre, The Selection, another book that I have forgotten the title of(I tried zooming in my picture but my coworker covered the title and author with other books.), and a Reese’s pieces bag. I was able to puchase everything on my secret Santa’s list.

Now, my Secret Santa was a different coworker. I really appreciated everything that they bought for me. I was asked to write three things that I wanted for Christmas in a piece of paper that would be provided to us. I wrote down 1)Something cute and bright, 2) Something sweet and colorful(or something like that), and 3)Coffee, makeup, tea. My Secret Santa bought me a cute “My Coffee” mug which I will definitely be using a lot. I love to drink coffee and tea when ever I am home. I can never have too many mugs since I personally love mugs. My Secret Santa hit gold by purchasing me a new coffee mug. They also bought me three journals that I intend to use throughout the year. I actually am planning on taking one with me when I travel to Europe in the summer. Out of the three journals I really loved the print with the gold pineapples on it. All three journals brought joy to my eyes since they where gorgeous. Lastly, they bought me an eyeshadow palette that I will definitely be using. I had previously spoken to them in regards about my use of lipsticks on how I tend to use the same ones all though I have plenty more. Overall, I was definitely delighted and filled with joy while opening my gifts. I really appreciated how my Secret Santa wrapped my gifts because it was very thoughtful and cheerful.

Besides the Secret Santa gift from my coworker I received a cute Christmas card signed by my supervisors and managers. I love receiving Christmas cards and usually sign up for Christmas cards; however, this year I was late signing up for them. Although, I did purchase Christmas cards and gave one to all of my coworkers from my department and they enjoyed it. Besides the Christmas card I also received a cute green treat bag which included a scratcher which I failed to win and a Starbucks $5 gift card. I will be using my gift card soon because I love Starbucks. I had gone to a Holiday party that a coworker threw for us and I was given a cute Santa filled with chocolate kisses.

I love to crochet and this year I thought I would join the Secret Santa from a specific crochet group I am part of on Facebook. I had previously joined several events and exchanges from this group and had a pleasant outcome. Not that I want to sound unappreciative for my gift but I definitely was disappointed. The reason why I am disappointed with my gift is because my Secret Santa gift seemed like they did not try. I am referring to the crochet item itself. We were suppose to crochet an item. Yes, they did crochet me an item but it did not seem thoughtful and felt like it was rushed. I received a candy cane that had been somewhat crocheted a bit. Although, when I saw that San Antonio Spurs hat I was very delighted. I am a San Antonio Spurs fan since 2003 when I was first introduced to them by an acquaintance(non-existent in present time) I had back in the day. Lastly, the last item I received was a skein of yarn in a cute teal/aqua color.

When I went to go purchase for my gift for my Secret Santa I was not aware that I would be paired with the same Secret Santa that had been assigned to me. First, I went to Michael’s and bought them a small Santa ornament with their name on it. Second, I bought them a skein of Yarn from their preferred selection of yarn. Third, they had request a book about crocheting flowers and I was able to purchase that for them. Fourth, they stated that they had children so I bought them an Uno card game and a Dominoes set so they could play with one another during family time. Fifth, they stated that they loved Twizzlers so I bough them two different types of Twizzlers. Sixth, I love my light saber crochet hooks so I decided to gift them their own crochet hook light saber in an F hook size. Lastly, I crocheted them a messy bun hat in the colors that they wanted: blue & purple. I was informed that we had a $10 limit which I took as a minimum limit since that is how it was implied at least to my understanding. Anyways, I enjoyed purchasing and crocheting my Secret Santa their gift.

In regards to presents from my family I decided to not post everything they gave me. I was given a cute gray striped blue shirt which will be very handy in the next couple of days or weeks. I also received a gray work out shirt which will also be useful when I begin my 2017 resolutions on the 1st of January. Overall, I definitely enjoyed my gifts this year and am already looking forward in doing Secret Santa next year once again.


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