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Birthday Edition|EF College Break: London, Paris, & Barcelona Part 1

Ever since I was young I wanted to go out and enjoy different cultures and countries. That is the main reason why I like to learn languages due to the fact that I am able to see another side of this world. Also, growing up Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen alongside the Spice Girls where my biggest influence in sight seeing and exploring my surroundings. Which is why the first major trip I decided to partake in with EF College Break was to go visit both the UK and Europe.

Now, what is EF College Break? It is a company that allows adults between the ages of 18-28 years old to explore the world depending on where one wants to go. According to EF College Break,

You will join a group of fun-seeking people from around the United States. Like you, they want to have the very best experiences and see the world. Traveling solo? No problem! Almost half sign up alone, yet no one travels alone. Lots of our travelers keep in touch long after their trip returns and even travel again on additional tours.

Thus far has been completely true based on my experience. I found about EF College Break through it’s sister website EF tours. Both my siblings are actually partaking in a tour next Summer with them and have known about this trip for the past 2 years. I originally had intentions of going with them but have since opted to not go.

I chose to partake in the London, Paris, & Barcelona 12 day trip with EF College Break because I always wanted to go to Spain and Great Britain. I booked this trip on the spur of the moment back on November 19, 2016 when I was browsing reviews for EF Tours. I saw a comment on a review about EF College Break and drom there it was history. I had a good hour and a half before deciding on this specific trip. I knew that I did not want to work on my 27th birthday; therefore, I had to make sure I was not going to work. I was looking at all the itineraries available from several trips and I ended up choosing this one. What sold me was the Harry Potter inspired excursion along with Versailles.

After booking the trip I was making biweekly payments after the initial $150 down payment. I chose to pay more than just the down payment at the beginning. In total the trip cost me $3768.00 and that included the travel protection along with the excursions to Oxford & Versailles. With what I paid for initially it included the following:

  1. All Flights (roundtrip with overlays)
  2. Continental breakfast
  3. Hotel/Hostel accommodations
  4. Transportation passes (limited usage)
  5. Transfer transportation from stop 1 to stop 2 to stop 3 (London to Paris, Paris to Barcelona)
  6. Guided Sightseeing
  7. Welcome Mixer
  8. Farewell Dinner
  9. Tour Director
  10. Entrance to some Iconic Attractions
  11. Excursions to Oxford, England & Versailles, France.

Additionally, during the trip I paid £25 for London outting excursions & €127 for outting excursions in Paris & Barcelona. In London I opted for the Pub crawl & Harry Potter Walking tour. In Paris I opted for the Bistro dinner which in the end I did not attend(€40). In Barcelona I opted for the Paella lunch, Paella Cooking class, 3 hour Biking tour, & Party Boat.

Once, the day arrived and I knew exactly what day it was since it was my 27th Birthday. I headed over to SAN for my 10 A.M. flight. I paid an additional $27 to upgrade my seat for more space. My flight was going to be delayed so I got “upgraded” to an earlier flight that had already been delayed heading towards SFO. Once I got to SFO I went to the international terminal to head on over to LHR. My flight got delayed about 2 hours due to weather conditions. No Wi-Fi nor no form of visual was working throughout the trip so I was wide awake being served so much food what seemed like every two hours. 13 hours later I was in the U.K. specifically in London. Overall it was about a 16 hr trip in total and running behind schedule. I headed over to terminal 3 where my driver from tristar would take me to my hotel. 1 hr later and I was still waiting to be taken to the airport. Finally, I was transported to my hotel at Ibis Euston St Pancreas Hotel. I arrived around 12ish-1ish in the afternoon at the hotel. I stored my luggage at the luggage closet since my room was not ready yet. Met with my tour director and received my metro pass for transportation while in London and paid for the additional outtings.

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For now this is where I will leave it off and check back to see what I did while in London in Part 2.

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