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Unboxing Review| Try Treats Subscription Box

20170919_170200I have been on this spending money mode since before my trip. Well, about two weeks ago I went online and started to order some subscription boxes to try out. Try treats was the third subscription box that I had ordered; however, it was the first box that arrived. I ordered in total seven subscription boxes(or bag): The Moon box, Yogi Surprise Jewelry box, Try Treats box, Ipsy bag, Play by Sephora box, Boxycharm box, & OwlCrate box.

So, what exactly is Try Treats? Try Treats is basically a subscription box that allows anyone to explore and try new treats monthly from across the world. According to Try Treats,

Explore the world through food. Experience flavors you didn’t know existed.

One can order a subscription box for only $13.95 for the standard pack which would include a five or more treats from a select country/region. I, on the other hand, opted for the $25.95 premium pack that is supposedly including ten or more treats. For my first box I got a $5.00 discount as well as it was mentioned that it would arrive a week from ordering the box. I ordered it on the 13th of September and received it on the 19th of September. I was keeping track of this box all afternoon since my mail carrier(mailman) usually drops off mail by 12:30 p.m. On this specific day the mail did not arrive until 4:16 p.m.. Oh it never fails to surprise me when I want to receive mail.

I received this bright teal box with the letters Treats on top and TryTreats.com on the side. I was excited to see where my mouth would be traveling to in September. I will be honest the reason why I specifically ordered this box was because I was still in a wanderlust mode after my trip. I am still craving to travel and explore more of the world. Well, for September my mouth would be indulging in what was once part of Yugoslavia, Croatia & Serbia. Oh boy! Oh boy! I was pleasantly surprised once I opened the box and read the postcard stating what country the treats represented from.

The postcard was beautiful with an image of Dubrovnik, Croatia. To be honest I do not really hear much about Croatia nor Serbia besides when I am watching a soccer game. Side note: Fútbol(soccer) and basketball are a big part of my life. I grew up watching soccer matches on the t.v. and rooting for specific teams. Basketball became a sport that I enjoyed and came to love with a passion. Back to the treats, on the back of the postcard it states how both Croatia and Serbia were once part of Yugoslavia before 1991. I liked the detail and information; although, there was some typos on it. It was really well thought out in my opinion in regards to the wrapping and introduction to the company. The other card stated what the treats where and contained as well as information in regards to a giveaway and how to enter it.

The first treat that caught my eye was the Tortica wafer. According to the informational card I was suppose to get the Tortica Jadro which was what seemed a strawberry filling or topping. Instead I got a regular chocolate Tortica wafer which I did not mind; although, in a sense it seemed a bit false advertising. I do not know if they ran out of the one that was pictured or not but either way I enjoyed the box. Second treat that I saw was the Griski pretzel sticks. It tasted like a pretzel but with a hint of peanut with the filling.  Next, I tried the Ki-ki chewy flavored squares. It stated that they are similar to starburst; however, I believe that it does not taste like starbursts but more like a chewy medicine tablet. I was craving chocolate since it was that time of the month; therefore, I went straight for the Eurocrem biscuit that was covered in chocolate with hazelnut filling. It definitely did not taste like anything I have eaten or tried before. It was neither sweet nor bland. It was good just the taste was different. I then opted to try Munchmallow since it had chocolate in it. I do not know what I was expecting because it did not taste delicious. I liked it but did not LOVE nor enjoy it well.

Disclaimer: I did not try all these treats at once or when I first received the box. I tried one to two treats throughout the course of a week. I did share my treats with my family and I am delighted to share that my family & I have completely different taste buds. My brother enjoyed both the Munchmallow and Eurocrem biscuit a lot. The munchmallow was actually a big hit in my household. To be honest I had been laying off the sweets for some time before trying these sweets. It may have been my taste buds that were not accurately adjusted to sweets at the time. Link for referral is included in the post.

Afterwards, I tried the Eurocrem blok and I can actually say that I enjoyed this one a lot. The texture was smooth and it was heaven to my taste buds.  Dorina was calling my name next. This chocolate bar as soon as I saw it reminded me of the mexican chocolate bar Carlos V. It may have been the wrapping of the bar but it did. It was really delightful and smooth yet creamy. I definitely enjoyed this treat even if it was a small piece. I made sure to split each treat so the whole family could try it out. Next on the list was Bananko candy bar and I do not know about this one. I do not particularly hate it but I also did not enjoy it. I mean it was okay but not necessarily my cup of tea. Trust me I know my teas since I love drinking tea. Well, I went back to the chocolate and tried the Lizli Chocoalte lollipop. This particular treat was one I was anticipating on trying last only because I was excited to see what character I would end up getting. I ended getting the elephant character. According to the information I could have ended up with one of the following characters: bear, bunny, cat, dog, or elephant. I saw the giraffe on the wrapper and I do not know why but I was expecting a giraffe at first but I thought it was cute at the end. I felt bad cutting this elephant up but oh boy did I not regret it one bit. Lastly, I tried the Kidy coconut chocolate bar. It was good but not my favorite one of the bunch.

Overall, I would have to say that it was a delightful experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone to try the treats out. I am definitely going to continue with my subscription box. If I would have to rate this box I would rate it an 8 out of 10. Only because the presentation was on point. The company stayed true to the slogan and guaranteed box within a week. The price of the box definitely was worth the cost.  Although, the only downfall I saw to this box was the typos and the minor mix-up of advertising of an item. Other than that I definitely see myself subscribed for the next month. Stay tuned for October’s box to see what country I will be traveling to and the treats I will get to indulge on. Check out www.trytreats.com and test it out for yourself.

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