Welcome to my mind.


Good Morning, afternoon, or evening depending on your current location. Welcome to my blog and enjoy your stay(leisure read). Who am I and why did I open my blog? First, my name is Lissette and I am from SoCal. Second, I have had my blog for several years now and have decided to start fresh. Originally, I started my blog to write about random thoughts and posts. However, the past couple of years I have grown and no longer feel or think as I once use to.  Although, I am very much so interested in continuing with my blog but feel as if I am gearing to a different direction.

I am quite interested in becoming a polyglot by the age of thirty. I am currently twenty-seven years old and fluently speak two languages; however, I know five languages. I am fluent in both English and Spanish; although, I am at a basic level in Brazilian Portuguese, French, and American Sign Language. Also, I am currently learning German so that I may know how to get around when I am traveling and visiting Germany, Austria, & Switzerland this summer.

To travel has always been a passion of mine; hence, why I opted for a job that would allow my desires of spending and traveling to be possible. Currently, I am booked to travel this summer to Germany, Italy, Austria, & Switzerland. Previously, I have traveled to Mexico, England, France, & Spain. There are so many places that I would love to travel in the future and I am excited to experience the cultures richness and history while doing so.

Seeing that I enjoy traveling and learning languages and with my ability to write a lot it is no secret that I would enjoy receiving postcards or mail from around the world. I have been receiving postcards from random strangers from around the globe for the past six years. Although, I am not as active as I would like to be; therefore, I am making myself to becoming active again this year. The simple fact that someone else took a minute or two of their time to choose the postcard and write on it means so much to me. It is always a delight to see a postcard or card in general from around the globe.

Time, in general is a factor that I take into consideration every day. I wish I could manage my time more wisely every day; however, I always tend to do more of one thing rather than staying focus or on task. Part of me desires to be more of a type A personality when it comes to managing time. Although, I like being spontaneous or allowing myself to just go with the flow. Having time for myself is always a must in my books.

Speaking of time, two of my favorite hobbies to do when I have time to do so is both reading and crocheting. I enjoy reading a nice novel with a nice cup of tea or cofee while I am covered in my afghan blanket that I crocheted for myself. Crocheting is so relaxing and time consuming at the same time. I can definitely get lost in a good novel or a crochet pattern. These two hobbies allow me to find my serenity when I need it the most.

Another hobby that I do not practice as often I once did in my teens is definitely exercising. Dedicating at least thirty minutes of my time a day to exercise will definitely do the trick on my mood or state of mind. If I have any stress or too many thoughts going in my mind I will go out of my way to working out either at home, outside, or at the gym. I always have so many ideas going in my head that sometimes I just need a breather and working out definitely does that to my mind. While I work out there is only one thought going on my mind and that is to not give up. I enjoy the feeling of working out since I always find myself full of energy whenever I workout.

Lastly, this is who I am and am hoping that 2018 will allow myself to explore all of my creativity that I have for my blog this year. So, sit back and enjoy the read since I am sure some may enjoy it or dispute it.

Until next time,



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