Languages|225 Days to learn German


I exactly have 225 days to learn German before I will be traveling for my birthday trip this summer. It may seem that it is not enough time to fully incorporate myself in the language. However, my goal is to embrace in the language as much as I can so that I may be able to pass by on my own while exploring these countries: Austria, Germany, & Switzerland. I will also be exploring Italy; although, I have opted to not learn this language because I want to focus on what I already know and include German as well. As previously mentioned in the past I want to become a polyglot by the age of 30. I currently am 27 years old and am a native speaker in both English & Spanish. I have basic knowledge in Brazilian Portuguese, French, & American Sign Language. I want to continue practicing these languages; however, my focus for the next couple of months will be solely on the German language.

What exactly am I doing to making sure I accomplish this goal for the summer? Well, I have downloaded several apps to assist me with my goals this year. The first app that I actually have been using for several years now (on and off) has been Duolingo. I have been practicing two to three lessons a day so far this year. I actually have a notebook where I am jotting down any imperative information I need in regards to accomplishing my goal for this summer. The desktop version is my go to when it comes to getting the “tips and notes” for my notebook.

Besides using Duolingo I am also using two more apps. The second app that I use is Memrise. This app I will have to say is so intriguing and cute. The vocab you learn starts off as a seed then the more you practice learning the word the seed blossoms in to a full blown flower. I enjoy using Memrise for the simple fact that I expand my vocab more than by using Duolingo. Although, out of the two I still prefer Duolingo for the simple fact that it has the option to learn more about the language.

Lastly, the last app that I use for learning languages is actually LingQ. LingQ is definitely useful when it comes to learning how to pronounce the words. According to LingQ, as of now I know four terms in German. Let’s see how many I will know by this summer. I am personally a visual learner; therefore, the simple fact that I can hear and read how the word is spelled is quite a delight.  The only downfall to LingQ is that if I am not on the premium plan I am limited to what I do or learn. I am limited to the words that I learn or retain for future use. It is still a good app to learn from in my opinion just limited until it is invested on. A

Overall, will I be able to achieve this goal of mine set for the summer? I sure hope so and if not well at least I gave it a shot and tried to do so. So, what exactly do I know as of now?

Ich bin eine Frau und ich bin Lissette. Ich möchte bitte eine Tasse Kaffee.

I can literally pronounce, write, and read two sentences as of now. That is an accomplishment all on its own. However, I would really like to be able to write at least a paragraph completely in German by this summer.






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