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Secret Santa 2016

Every year I look forward to Santa spreading that cheer, joy, and love throughout my holiday season. I may be a twenty-something year old female but I do not refuse to believe in Santa anymore. I want to keep that innocence of pure joy in me still that I had growing up as a child.…… Continue reading Secret Santa 2016

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♥Christmas is Here!!!♥

Hola!, How is everyone doing? Well christmas season is on it’s way if not already here. That’s if you have the christmas bug like me. I love christmas no koke about it. I am the first one in my family to get up if I’m not already up on Thanksgiving day taking out the Christmas…… Continue reading ♥Christmas is Here!!!♥

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Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!

Hello, Yea so I’m back from my break. Well not really a break I guess you could say since I was still online(I’m addicted to FB apps). Well Last Thursday I got out of my usual routine & had an amazing adventure with my friends. I was for most of the day out of my…… Continue reading Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!

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Less then 3 Days till Christmas!

Hello, Yes three more days till Christmas! I can’t wait for Christmas, I could use this Christmas really bad. Any love, laughter, & joy is always welcome with me. 😀 I have yet to go & purchase another couple of gifts for my boyfriend, but I doubt I’ll get to them since I’m short on…… Continue reading Less then 3 Days till Christmas!

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Christmas Galore!!!

Hello,  Yes, indeed this year’s Christmas Happens to be the most spirited one so far as I can tell. Houses are being over decoarted with the holiday cheer. People are already saying the phrase “Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!”. What makes Christmas so fun & cheerful on everyones persona? I mean seriously everywhere…… Continue reading Christmas Galore!!!

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It’s X-Mas Time!!!!

Hello, Yes, you heard me correctly it’s X-mas time f the year. I LOVE Christmas, I enjoy hearing christmas stories, seeing houses decorated, kids enjoying playing with the snow, & my favorite seeing the family together. Well, for me this is going to be a new christmas year since last year was my last christmas…… Continue reading It’s X-Mas Time!!!!