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♥Buenas Noches♥

Hola mi gente, It has been quite a while since I last posted and I am truly questioning my reasons as to why, but for now accept the minor apology of my lack for updating the website. Be aware that I am taking a computer science course in which I intend to use the information…… Continue reading ♥Buenas Noches♥

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♥Happy Holidays!♥

Hello mi gente, How are you all doing? Well, it has literally been over a year since I last posted and all I can say for it is that I am truly sorry for the lack of updates. I actually have a decent reasoning as to my abundance of absences and that is that I…… Continue reading ♥Happy Holidays!♥

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♥Postcard #62!♥

Hello mi gente, Yesterday, I received my official postcrossing postcard #62 from the Netherlands. I’m 38 postcards away from reaching my 100th postcard goal. I also only have 6 postcards “traveling” at the moment. I had 3 arrive to their destination yesterday. The first one that was registered arriving to Russia, the second registered arriving…… Continue reading ♥Postcard #62!♥

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Hi my gente!, Happy First of the month! It’s still the first for me. 🙂 Hope everyone is having an awesome day, week, month, and year. I’m just here finally able to relax since I’m officially on break until August. I have no clue what I will be doing my break but one thing for…… Continue reading ♥Vacation!♥

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♥Oh Happy day!♥

Oi meu amixs!, Happy April/Earth Day/Autism Month/etc.!! Hope everyone is enjoying their month so far. I sure am and have so far. 🙂 Well just doing a quick post for now and will be back to have an elaborate one with more info soon. :)Started to re-read the House of Night Novel series and am…… Continue reading ♥Oh Happy day!♥

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♥Happy Almost Thanksgiving!♥

Hola mi gente, It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Let’s see during this time I’ve been attending my college classes, traveling, and enjoying life. Along the way also have been instagramin, facebooking, psping, drawing, and reading. For once in a long time I feel good, as in I’m not stressing out…… Continue reading ♥Happy Almost Thanksgiving!♥

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♥Happiness is starting to fall! ^_^♥

Hola mi gente!, What it do mi gente? So, as the title states Happiness is starting to fall. Why? Well it has many meaning but the main one is hello, it is officially fall and the leaves are beginning to fall. 😀 I like fall not as much as I enjoy the summer but enough…… Continue reading ♥Happiness is starting to fall! ^_^♥