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Secret Santa 2016

Every year I look forward to Santa spreading that cheer, joy, and love throughout my holiday season. I may be a twenty-something year old female but I do not refuse to believe in Santa anymore. I want to keep that innocence of pure joy in me still that I had growing up as a child.…… Continue reading Secret Santa 2016

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♥Oh Happy day!♥

Oi meu amixs!, Happy April/Earth Day/Autism Month/etc.!! Hope everyone is enjoying their month so far. I sure am and have so far. 🙂 Well just doing a quick post for now and will be back to have an elaborate one with more info soon. :)Started to re-read the House of Night Novel series and am…… Continue reading ♥Oh Happy day!♥

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♥March oh March!♥

Hola mi gente, Happy March! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Last time I was on here was about a month ago when I was talking about January. LoL! Well, let’s see what have I done new since than? I started playing songpop on facebook alot more and have about 17 or…… Continue reading ♥March oh March!♥

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Happy February(Month of ♥Love♥)!!

Hello world!, Well as my previous post I had mention about making a tag with all my babies. well that is what I did, except that instead of having all my babies I only made the tag with one baby but with all her growth progress during the years(days). jejejejeje…This baby was my first baby…… Continue reading Happy February(Month of ♥Love♥)!!

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Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!

Hello, Yea so I’m back from my break. Well not really a break I guess you could say since I was still online(I’m addicted to FB apps). Well Last Thursday I got out of my usual routine & had an amazing adventure with my friends. I was for most of the day out of my…… Continue reading Back to Reality & X-mas is finally over!