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♥Buenas Noches♥

Hola mi gente, It has been quite a while since I last posted and I am truly questioning my reasons as to why, but for now accept the minor apology of my lack for updating the website. Be aware that I am taking a computer science course in which I intend to use the information…… Continue reading ♥Buenas Noches♥

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♥Happy Almost Thanksgiving!♥

Hola mi gente, It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Let’s see during this time I’ve been attending my college classes, traveling, and enjoying life. Along the way also have been instagramin, facebooking, psping, drawing, and reading. For once in a long time I feel good, as in I’m not stressing out…… Continue reading ♥Happy Almost Thanksgiving!♥

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♥New Layout & New Start version 2.0♥

Hello all, Well I would like to say first of all thank you for taking your precious time to come check me out, once in awhile. As you may have noticed I changed the layout back two weeks ago I believe. I have to go get that linfo onto the layout info page. I will…… Continue reading ♥New Layout & New Start version 2.0♥

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Planning on Adding New categories!!

Hello www!!!, Well I am thinking about adding a new category onto my blog. The new category will consist of images for whoever wishes to use them on any of their profiles. I am also planning on maybe adding a name section. Where Little by Little I’ll be adding Names to the section. This is…… Continue reading Planning on Adding New categories!!

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Hello New Neighbors!!!

Hello everyone! I am happy to introduce to you my new subdomain apartment. I am so thankful that Olivia @ so-pink.org accepted my hosting request application. Well, I have finally uploaded and added most of all the content and information to it’s own room and drawers. I don’t believe I have any more unpacking to…… Continue reading Hello New Neighbors!!!