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♥Happy Holidays!♥

Hello mi gente, How are you all doing? Well, it has literally been over a year since I last posted and all I can say for it is that I am truly sorry for the lack of updates. I actually have a decent reasoning as to my abundance of absences and that is that I…… Continue reading ♥Happy Holidays!♥

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♥ Happy Belated Thanksgiving! ^_^ ♥

Hola mi gente, First and foremost I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving! even though I'm a couple of days behind (or late). 😛 I hope you all enjoyed it with your family, friends, and/or loved ones. I did with my family in the morning and somewhat in the afternoon and evening. Why is that you… Continue reading ♥ Happy Belated Thanksgiving! ^_^ ♥

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♥My laptop went Kapoot!♥

Hola mi gente, Well, guess who is out of commission until she can afford to repair or purchase a new laptop? This girl right here. -_- + :*( About almost two weeks ago(Sunday October 11) I was using my laptop when it suddenly shut down on me. I thought it was because of the battery…… Continue reading ♥My laptop went Kapoot!♥

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♥You see me ROLLIN…♥

Hola mi gente, As you can see by the title I see myself rolling meaning someday you’ll see me rolling. This weekend I went to the fair again with my sibling and I got to get on the rides this time. I enjoyed a specific ride so much that I got on it five times…… Continue reading ♥You see me ROLLIN…♥

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♥Happy World Post Day!♥

Hola mi gente,Happy World Post Day! Well, as you know I have been collecting, writing, stamping, and sending postcards – letters – packages for several years now. However, I was not aware that on this exact day one celebrates just exactly what it states it is, postal mail. 🙂 Here are some interesting facts for…… Continue reading ♥Happy World Post Day!♥

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♥Bye Bye Split Ends!♥

Hello mi gente,Guess what I did today? I went to the hair salon and got me a short haircut, angle bob. I had been wanting to cut my hair for the past couple of weeks because I was getting a bit annoyed with my hair texture. Let me tell you that when I was born…… Continue reading ♥Bye Bye Split Ends!♥

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♥Postcard #62!♥

Hello mi gente, Yesterday, I received my official postcrossing postcard #62 from the Netherlands. I’m 38 postcards away from reaching my 100th postcard goal. I also only have 6 postcards “traveling” at the moment. I had 3 arrive to their destination yesterday. The first one that was registered arriving to Russia, the second registered arriving…… Continue reading ♥Postcard #62!♥